Modular Greenhouses

We design and build high-performing turnkey greenhouse and utility building solutions. Our structures are engineered to handle any climate; from harsh northern winters to intense desert heat. Our designs integrate innovate power generation components and energy efficient materials to reduce operating costs and help your business run sustainably. Plus, we provide financing through a third party and business planning consultation.

The unique arched roofline of our buildings isn’t just an aesthetic decision, it’s this very architecture that allows us to build massive clear spans, support 90lb snow loads, and 150mph winds. Easy on the eye, tough in brutal climates.

Grow year round through any conditions. Get more usable space with a 55ft clear span. Achieve both economic and environmental sustainability. Do all this without breaking the bank. It’s time to get growing.

We build robust, sustainable, energy efficient structures that decrease your energy inputs while increasing product output, and improving the overall economics of your operation.


For crops that require strict light scheduling, we offer an automated light deprivation greenhouse. Utilizing the frame of our standard greenhouses, these structures use a series of blackout curtains, and light traps to allow you to precisely control your crops’ light access.

Modular Greenhouse Key Features


Each of our structures is built out of pultruded fiberglass which provides a strong lightweight, non-corrosive material that has very low thermal conductivity. Our arches also offer significantly improved thermal characteristics compared to traditional steel structures. They won’t heat up and bake your greenhouse in the summer, or steal your expensive heat in the winter. Plus, the low thermal conductivity limits harmful condensation inside the greenhouse.

Glazing Options

Rigid Polycarbonate:
We install anti-condensation polycarbonate that provides for high light transmission, excellent working environment and the strength to deal with the harshest conditions. Available in multi-wall, clear, or light diffusing, our polycarbonate also provides sufficient insulation for year-round growing in any climate. Standing seam or traditional bar and cap attachment systems are available.

For those looking for a more light-weight option we also offer Solawrap greenhouse glazing. This flexible material may look like grown-up bubble wrap, but Solawrap is extremely durable and is engineered to withstand tropical storm force winds while providing insulation on par with polycarbonate. It’s also extremely quick to install and remove, making it an ideal fit for hurricane prone locations.

• All aluminum framework ideal for high moisture environments and aggressive sensitization and wipe-down processes.

The GrowBox

Get the best of controlled-environment growing while benefiting from natural light. Our GrowBox is a hybrid indoor-outdoor greenhouse structure comprised of refurbished shipping containers in combination with our traditional greenhouse offerings. The result is a hybrid greenhouse structure that combines both insulated indoor production space with a typical greenhouse space that takes advantage of the benefits of natural-light growing.

Flexibility for the Future

Modular is the true permanent solution because FlexMOD wall systems can be adapted and reconfigured to meet your future needs. You can add a room, a floor, and even dismantle and move the whole structure to a new location.

Why Modular?

Advantages & Benefits of Modular Construction

More Advantages & Benefits

We understand that year-round growing requires a great deal of energy for heating, cooling, and supplemental lighting in order to meet acceptable commercial yields. Our greenhouses are designed to cut the energy inputs by up to 50% while capturing all the benefits of natural light.

We have experience designing secure, energy-efficient greenhouses and understand the challenges of growing in a wide range of conditions from harsh, freezing winters to hot and humid summers.

Modular is ....Faster

Modular is....Smarter