Luke Terry

Luke Terry

 Subject Matter Expert

Luke J. Terry has been exploring Daoism, nutrition, movement, and botanical medicine since the late 1990’s.

Since 2003, Luke J. Terry has practiced as a functional medicine specialist, writer, and nutrition consultant, working both as a solo practitioner, and with physicians, integrative pharmacies, health websites, and nutraceutical manufacturers. As a graduate student, he worked in several Chinese medicine herbal pharmacies and extraction facilities, which has become a lifelong passion.

He survived Lyme disease and a long stint as a vegetarian & vegan.

After the legalization of medical cannabis in Colorado, Luke began working with clients in effectively utilizing cannabinoid therapeutics for many disorders. Specializing in dosing and formulating cannabinoids in synergistic formulations with many other botanicals, Luke has developed strong, and unique evidence-based protocols.

As a clinician fascinated with herbal extraction, he has pioneered numerous innovative extraction techniques and works as a consultant in extraction and Good Manufacturing Practices. He’s personally managed the design of four herbal extraction facilities, including custom extraction equipment, buildout and operation of three others, and been closely involved with several others. He currently consults in the design, construction and operation botanical extraction facilities, design and custom manufacture of extraction equipment, and consults for one of the largest hemp and cannabis extraction design-build construction firms.

With a strong passion for regenerative medicine, Luke has also developed cutting-edge injection therapy protocols, and was one of the first acupuncturists nationwide to inject FDA approved regenerative medicine substances based on the traditional Chinese medicine, Zi He Che, or human placenta. These treatments represent one of the most powerful regenerative technologies available today. He offers these services both as a solo practitioner and in partnership with Summit Chiropractic & Rehabilitation.

He is a cofounder and the chief formulator for the Canary Skincare & Wellness Apothecary, and a key member of the Emergent Wellness team, a company dedicated to innovation in health care organizations and administration. Luke co-hosts the Modern Immortal podcast with Marco Lam, a 25-year veteran practitioner, herbal medicine expert and formulator, and permaculture senior instructor.

Luke sees clients at the Mandala Clinic, and offers consulting and formulations in the hemp, CBD, cannabis, and nutraceutical industries, as well as for practitioners integrating injection-based therapies into their practices. He lives in Denver with his partner, Kaylyn, and enjoys fitness, mountain biking, archery, podcasting, and art & design.

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