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Investor Relations

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FlexMOD Solutions provides a variety of products and services to support cultivation and extraction operations within the cannabis industry. FlexMOD has multiple offerings servicing North America and abroad including:

  • Container-based products for both cultivation and extraction
  • Design/Build Division for large scale indoor production facilities utilizing modular cleanroom technology
  • Cutting-edge Greenhouse production facilities

FlexMOD offers pre-packaged, self-contained, portable grow areas and extraction labs utilizing shipping containers which have been converted to clean room environments. With a nationally recognized brand, proprietary designs and value-engineered technology, FlexMOD has become the industry standard in cannabis.

We have set the standard when it comes to both cultivation environments and extraction lab design and technology”, states FlexMOD COO, Rod Verhulp (Mr. Verhulp is a former Vice President for Yahoo! and for Equinix Data Centers).


“I first became involved with FlexMOD as an investor. I really like their business model. It’s a ‘picks-n-shovels’ model, just like the gold rush days. The people that made the money weren’t necessarily the gold-miners. It was the merchants who sold the gold-miners the picks and shovels. That’s what we are and that’s why I decided to invest in FlexMOD and to join the Management Team.”


FlexMOD is considered an infrastructure company which never touches the plant – unlike growers, processors or dispensaries. FlexMOD operates in many legal states and countries to provide the tools necessary for cultivation and extraction companies to develop and take their products to market.

Company Highlights

  • Generating Revenues for the past 3 years
  • Experience dealing with regulatory bodies and addressing the wide range of rules and regulations throughout the USA
  • Setting industry standards and working with regulatory agencies to address safety and quality standards
  • Established brand with strong brand recognition
  • Recurring revenue streams and repeat clients
  • UL Listing Pending

Why FlexMOD?

FlexMOD benefits our clients by helping them navigate all of the challenges involved with starting or expanding cannabis businesses within this brand-new industry. We help by advising best construction practices from design to value-engineering projects in order to be prepared for this business, not only today, but in the future. We provide access to the best possible solutions for the entire lifecycle of each unique cannabis business.

Team Story

 FlexMOD Founders have significant experience from the initial onset of the industry in Colorado starting back in 2009. They have played roles in legislative rulemaking, cannabis non-profits and designing and building large-scale production facilities. Having been a part of this industry from the very beginning has given us insight into the challenges folks face in every new legal state. Being a part of this industry from the beginning has also given us insight into an ever-evolving industry. We quickly identified the need for a strong executive team comprised of folks from various backgrounds and various different industries. Each member of the FlexMOD Team has been hand-selected based on complementary strengths and core values. We have been fortunate enough to maintain a consistent company culture. Additionally, our experience in both marketing and branding lends itself to FlexMOD’s success. Dano Keys has focused on building a nationally recognized brand which will ultimately be compelling for acquisition. Meet the Team

Executive Team

Dan Keys / CEO & Founder

Twenty five years of business development and sales and marketing CEO experience. Business pioneer of the marijuana industry since 2009.  Read More

Rod Verhulp / COO

Rodney Verhulp (Rod) has over 35 years of experience as a corporate executive for Fortune 500 companies, consulting and investment management.   Read More

Meet the Team
Our FlexMOD Professional Team   Read More

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