Commercial Food-Grade Floor & Surface Coating

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GreenKoat™ Testimonials

“The GreenKoat guys were great to work with. The install team was super professional and I am very pleased with the finished product. My floors look fantastic. Thanks, GreenKoat and FlexMOD!
– Matt MachadoMachado Construction, Coalinga, CA

“We’re stoked! The GreenKoat floors in our facility look great. Thanks FlexMOD”
– Ryan B. Fort Bragg, CA

GreenKoat vs Epoxy
GreenKoat floor coating is so amazing you’ll never have to use Epoxy again!

We Set The Standards – Our Floor Coating Exceeds California VOC Regulations

Our Floor Coatings Meet Multiple FDA Regulations – Food Grade

Why Choose GreenKoat™:

    • VOC Compliant in all 50 states.


    • Made of natural products including castor oil, gypsum and hemp.


    • Incredibly durable in the harshest of weather conditions and atmospheric pollution.


    • Strongly bonds to metal, asphalt, fiberglass, wood, concrete, brick and block in seconds.


    • 98-100% adhesion compared to the standard 50% for epoxy.


    • Tensile and bond strengths are the same.


    • Autobonds 100% to previous GreenKoat™applications with no time limit.


    • Can be used to repair facility concrete, walks, roofs potholes, etc.


    • Minimum surface preparation required.


    • Remains flexible with 50-100% elongation, protecting against expansion/contraction stress.


    • Encapsulates whatever it is applies to (covers asbestos, lead, etc.)


  • Thermal and electrical insulation properties.


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