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Modular Extraction Laboratories


Advantages to using FlexMOD Solutions

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Extraction Labs by FlexMOD.

FlexMOD has invested a significant amount of time and effort in securing the right equipment, at the right price with a greatly reduced time to build, putting your business on track significantly sooner than a conventional build model.


Our team has many years of experience in the hemp and cannabis industries. We can guide you through the process of setting up and outfitting a compliant extraction laboratory.


Class 1 Division 1 Extraction Labs and C02 Labs meet all requirements of the NEC, OSHA, MED and NFPA . Our extraction labs are delivered fully assembled and ready to go, or can be assembled on-site inside a facility.

Built Off Site | Delivered To Your


FlexMOD is proud to work with the premier provider of third party independent design verification (otherwise referred to as an engineering peer review) of solvent based extraction equipment. Pressure Safety Inspectors, or PSI, has performed reviews for dozens of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). PSI has developed internal procedures that provide the most comprehensive engineering peer review available for solvent-based extraction equipment. Our reports are sealed by engineers licensed in almost all states with legalized medical and/or recreational cannabis.

Design Services

Custom Extraction Lab Configurations

Let FlexMOD design and build all of your laboratories

Don’t have an existing facility that will accommodate the mobile extraction lab? FlexMOD can build an extraction lab within your warehouse space that has all the same features, benefits and advantages of our stand-alone lab. With the same clean room environment and Class 1 Division 1 options available, you get the high quality, streamlined and compliant extraction lab that you need to successfully set up an efficient workflow for extractions. With three models available to choose from, whatever type of extraction lab you need, FlexMOD can provide it right inside your existing space.

Extraction Lab


C1D1 | Wind Tunnel

FlexLAB Wind Tunnel: (True Class 1 Division 1 extraction lab for high production) This lab will accommodate multiple working environments because the entire unit is a Class 1 Division 1 environment. Built like a wind tunnel, you can set up your workstations virtually anywhere in this lab. Designed for high production using multiple workstations. Compliant and versatile, it is perfect for a large-scale operation where a true Class 1 Division 1 working environment is needed. All components in this lab are built to be spark-proof and blast-proof.

C1D1 | Combination Unit

Designed for efficiency, this highly functional and versatile unit provides the best of both worlds — a compliant Class 1 Division 1 environment with a separate non-classified work area in one modular unit. In the C1D1 area, all components are built to be spark-proof and blast-proof to meet hazardous area requirements, creating a safe and compliant environment for the operators. In the non-classified section of the lab, you can set up your workstations virtually anywhere. The barrier wall that separates these two compartments will allow you to operate roto vapes, ovens and other non-classified equipment without the presence of dangerous gases.

C02 | Extraction Lab

In this non-combustible lab configuration, you have the benefit of a clean room environment combined with safety features to limit exposure to excessive CO2. Labs are outfitted with CO2 detection monitors to meet safety requirements while assuring optimal air circulation. The FlexLAB CO2 is the ideal solution for your C02 extractions.
All models come with a standard gloss enamel finish or upgrade to a FRP/Clean Room R-13 insulation.
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