A portable solution to your drying and storage needs
Built Off Site and Delivered to Your Door

Dry | MODS

  • GAP and GMP Compliant

  • Climate & humidity controlled

  • Dries in as little as one week

  • Stackable 8’x40′ units

  • Durable and Weatherproof

  • Made to Transport

  • Insulated to a value of R-21

DryMODs are the simplest, quickest and most affordable way to dry and store your crops. DryMODs are manufactured to the highest industry standards with industrial seals to prevent outside contaminants from finding their way inside. The regulated airflow and dehumidification systems create the ideal conditions for curing.

What is a DryMOD?


A DryMOD is a temperature-controlled drying and storage unit used during the drying or curing process for hemp or cannabis. These units are equipped with an integral HVAC unit, a portable dehumidifier and raised aluminum T-bar floors to help regulate and speed up the drying process. DryMODs are made to transport, stackable, weather-proof and insulated to a value of R-21. DryMODs are GAP and GMP compliant. DryMODs maintain the ideal environment and security for drying and curing.


Do I need a DryMOD?

If you grow hemp or cannabis, the short answer is yes. Crops require proper handling and storage after a harvest to prevent the buildup of mold and mycotoxins. The drying process is essential to ensuring the crop can be used in processing. Without it, your crop’s value and profitability will plummet.


How many plants will fit inside of a DryMOD?


 The number of plants depends on the plant’s density and drying arrangements.

Our team of experts is available to recommend one of our three preferred drying methods (Hanging, Cargo, Racks) to help you get the most out of your DryMOD.

What is the recommended temperature in a DryMOD?


Recommended drying temperature range between 60F-70F at 50% or lower humidity. Lower temperatures will prolong the drying process but will produce a higher quality product. Likewise, stepping the humidity down in stages instead of quickly drying will produce better results. Whether your crop will be processed for extraction or used in its raw form, DryMODs are ideal for no-heat drying methods, meaning they won’t cook-off the extractable compounds (CBD, CBN, THC, Terpenes, etc.) of your crop.


How long does it take to dry plants in a DryMOD?

Drying times vary depending on the moisture content of the plant material. The average drying time is between 1 and 2 weeks. Up to three weeks may be optimal for the highest quality smokeable flower. Ultimately, the drying process is up to you.


How many DryMODs do I need?


Depending on the size of your crop, you may want more than one DryMOD.

DryMODs are currently only offered as an 8’x40’ unit. If you require additional storage space, these units are stackable. DryMODs are small enough to fit inside commercial facilities or traditional farm properties, and durable enough to withstand harsh outdoor elements.

Need a larger drying facility?

Tell us your preferred layout and equipment and let us custom build the perfect drying facility for you.

Thinking about connecting multiple units?

We can help with your overall design. At FlexMOD, we’ve got the solutions to custom fit your individual needs solution with integrated utility systems and connections.

GrowMOD | Equipment Systems


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