Crop Fuel by FlexMOD
CropFuel by Flexmod
Developed by industry experts, CropFuel Nutrients offers two commercial hemp and cannabis nutritional lines, one hydroponic and one organic. Both lines focus on a commercial approach to growing cannabis geared largely for concentrate production.
CropFuel nutrients contain a three part mixture for all of your hemp and cannabis growing needs.
The N-P-K is 6-2-6.
Our hemp line is Organic Materials Review Institute listed and  can help you achieve consistently high growth and yields for years to come.
CropFuel is a pelleted fertilizer with an extremely simple feeding program that is automation friendly, and can be put down once or twice a year.
Crop Fuel
We’ve started with a nutritional base of composted and sterilized poultry manure from the calcium rich egg layer, composted feather meal, and organic sulfate of potash from Utah. We then added bio-stimulants and soil conditioners to the mix.  Next humates were added to improve soil quality and help make the nutrients more available. In addition, five types of beneficial bacteria and six species of fungi were selected to help break down the organic nutrients, improve plant health, increase stress and drought tolerance, ward off pests, and to generally improve the rhizosphere for this crop and many to come.
Crop Fuel by FlexMOD

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