CO2 Extraction Lab

Benefits of a Clean Room Like Environment Combined with Safety Features

C02 | Extraction Lab

In this non-combustible lab configuration, you have the benefit of a clean room like environment combined with safety features to limit exposure to excessive CO2. Labs are outfitted with CO2 detection monitors to meet safety requirements while assuring optimal air circulation. The FlexLAB CO2 is the ideal solution for your C02 extractions


• All interior light fixtures, electrical outlets, and switches are of heavy duty industrial grade construction.

• The packaged HVAC unit provides an agreeable working environment and provides a fresh air supply for ventilation. It can be custom ordered to match your climate conditions if necessary.

• The adjustable and re-configurable CO2 venting port accommodates a multitude of tube or pipe sizes and can be easily configured to accept your off-gassing method.

• The weatherproof main electrical distribution panel is located on the exterior of the module, outside of the hazardous area and out of the way.

• The entry door is of steel construction and equipped with an automatic closer, a panic exit device, a safety window, and weather seals.

• The optional three compartment sink is of quality stainless steel construction and equipped with a goose-neck faucet to accommodate large canisters or vessels.

• The module can be mounted on a wheeled chassis (for ease of relocation), directly on a shop floor or foundation (inside a building or as a stand-alone building).

CO2 Model Sizes