C1D1 Extraction Labs

Benefits of a Clean Room Like Environment Combined with Safety Features
True Class 1 Division 1 Extraction Lab for High Production

C1D1 Extraction Labs | Wind Tunnel

FlexMOD’s C1D1 Extraction labs will accommodate multiple working environments because the entire unit is a Class 1 Division 1 environment. Built like a wind tunnel, you can set up your workstations virtually anywhere in this lab as it’s designed for high production using multiple workstations. Compliant and versatile, this is perfect for a large-scale operation where a true C1D1 Extraction Lab working environment is needed. All components in this lab are built to be spark-proof and blast-proof.


This C1D1 explosion proof FlexLAB design includes a 3 phase safety process.

Phase 1: Fresh air flows into the Lab from the make-up air unit and is pulled out by the 800 CFM fan to maintain constant airflow to prevent gas build-up.

Phase 2: If a higher level of gas is detected, the gas detection system will initiate the opening of a vent and the 5000 CFM fan will forcefully flush out all contaminated air.

Phase 3: If gas levels continue to rise, the system will activate an audible alarm that also shuts down the electrical outlets inside.


• All interior light fixtures, electrical outlets, and switches are spark-proof and meet Class 1 Division 1 hazardous area requirements.

• The spark-proof exhaust fans, in conjunction with the temperature controlled makeup air unit, use 100% outside fresh air to provide the required air flow rate over your equipment. The system provides a slightly negative pressure within the lab to prevent hazardous gasses from leaking into surrounding areas. If there is no need for temperature control in your location, the makeup air unit can be replaced with a pleated filtration intake for a nice cost reduction.

• The module is equipped with a gas detection alarm system that will initiate when hazardous gas begins to be detected. If the gas levels continue to rise, the system will activate an audible alarm and shut down power to the equipment inside the room well before dangerous levels are reached.

• The weatherproof main electrical distribution panel is located on the exterior of the module, outside of the hazardous area and out of the way. The entry door is of steel construction and equipped with an automatic closer, a panic exit device, a safety window, and weather seals. The optional sink is of quality stainless steel construction and equipped with a gooseneck faucet to accommodate large canisters or vessels.

• The module can be mounted on a wheeled chassis (for ease of relocation), directly on a shop floor or foundation (inside a building or as a stand-alone building).

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