C1D1 Combination Extraction Lab

True Class 1 Extraction Lab and Non Classified Area
Speed to market with 2 labs in one unit.

Combination Unit | Extraction Lab

Designed for efficiency, this highly functional and versatile unit provides the best of both worlds — a Compliant Class 1 Division 1 environment with a separate non-classified work area in one modular unit. In the C1D1 area, all components are built to be spark-proof and blast-proof to meet hazardous area requirements, creating a safe and compliant environment for the operators. In the non-classified section of the lab, you can set up your workstations virtually anywhere. The barrier wall that separates these two compartments will allow you to operate roto vapes, ovens and other non-classified equipment without the presence of dangerous gases.
FlexMOD C1D1 Combo Extraction Lab

This C1D1 Combo FlexLAB design is explosion-proof includes a three phase safety process.

Phase 1: Fresh air flows into the LAB from the make-up air unit and is pulled out by the 800 CFM fan to maintain constant airflow to prevent gas build-up.


Phase 2: If elevated levels of gas are detected, the system will initiate the opening of a vent and the 5000 CFM fan will forcefully flush out all contaminated air.


Phase 3: If has levels continue to rise, the system will activate and audible alarm that also powers down the electrical outlets inside.


• All interior light fixtures, electrical outlets, and switches are spark-proof and meet Class 1 Division 1 hazardous area requirements.



• The spark-proof exhaust fans, in conjunction with the temperature controlled makeup air unit, use 100% outside fresh air to provide the required air flow rate over your equipment. The system provides a slightly negative pressure within the lab to prevent hazardous gasses from leaking into surrounding areas. If there is no need for temperature control in your location, the makeup air unit can be replaced with a pleated filtration intake for a nice cost reduction.


• The module is equipped with a gas detection alarm system that will initiate when hazardous gas begins to be detected. If the gas levels continue to rise, the system will activate an audible alarm and shut down power to the equipment inside the room well before dangerous levels are reached.