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Facilities are finished in

about half the time of

conventional building

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Modular technology =why-modular-for-your-commerical-grow Faster builds, greater margins, and higher profits.


Revolutionize your commercial agriculture grow facility with modular…

















Why build modular commercial agriculture grow facilities versus traditional slow and expensive construction?


Today’s commercial indoor agricultural industry requirements demand a company with the knowledge and experience to design, manufacture, and build an efficient, best in class, state of the art facility with the latest in clean room wall systems. A facility with the ability to adapt and expand as technology advances and your company grows.


FlexMOD’s modular technology results in dramatically reduced construction time. Speed lowers your cost, reduced construction time means your money works faster, and speed to market leads the market.

Flexmod builds the grow room or facility of your dreams within the budget you specify, much faster and less expensive than traditional methods of construction.


We build complete, secure, modular facilities that include built-in climate control, and industry related compliance features, including the option to have integrated security systems built in at the factory to allow operations monitoring and minimize tampering with expensive systems and product. We build peace of mind into every facility we manufacture.


Pre-designed large-scale grow facilities from 5,000 to 250,000+ sq. feet.

We have extensive floor plan options that can be customized to your needs to design the most efficient, cost-effective facility for you.

Time is money so let us get you up and producing quickly. We’ve done the work to save you design time and speed you into production and harvest.


Flexmod Solutions also provides financing through our partners.

Modular Advantages

Today’s growers now have the unique opportunity to “Speed to Market” with a quality and functioning grow facility that includes a proven turnkey system solution with integrated utility systems and connections.

Our modular grow facility construction allows you to start producing revenue up to 70% faster than the conventional one-off construction plans.


Save 20% or more over conventional one-off construction.


Generate revenue in the amount of time that it would take to build a traditional facility.